When I arrived in Toronto the first thing that you can face is the flag on their cars. Here they can show off their native country. You can be proud of your native country, because the immigrants have to have too high an opinion of themselves. This aspect of people depends on aware of them that they have built and worked too much for this country. When the CN tower was accomplished the Canadian put on the top the Italian flag together English flag, to thank and to mark the works of the Italian workers.



Two days ago talking with an unknown on the train he told me about the tolerance and the racism. Especially in Toronto you can find a multicultural society, thus you have to be tolerant but in the same time you can show off yours country with honor, because you can proof your contribute for the increasing of the city, at first because you pay the tax. This is another crucial point about your feeling with the society. Your are glad to be citizen because you can say “I contribute to build this skycraper”.

In Italy is different because you can feel citizen if you don’t pay the tax and you felt you had a chance to be outlaw if you requested the bill on the shop. You can affirm to be Italian just if you were born in Italy. Analyzing this sociology aspect we can find the origin of this different mentality since the Romans called “barbaro” who wasn’t born into the wall of Roman Emperor. This is absolutely wrong, because there aren’t borders neither barriers anymore.

The civilization is pointed out by striking sense of justice and impartiality for the people who don’t contribute by taxes or drive their cars when they are drunk.


In conclusion, the people is like if see you with their eyes closed, thus you are not judged by your color skin but by for your essence, that has not color. You can appreciate for your quality and not for your last name. You can be better just if you are in the law and never out. You can be a “big shot” if you work and study, because the culture is at the first. You can be proud called “extracomunitario”.